Wednesday, May 30, 2012

YouTube Reading Journal

Select a YouTube video that will be the topic of your third essay.  Post the URL, and answer these questions:

For whom is the video?  As specifically as possible define the audience of the video.  YouTube itself keeps statistics on age, nation, and gender.  Consider also sexuality, race, socioeconomic class, immigration status, religion, and formal education.  Note that all of these different categories shift when they cross cultural and national boundaries.

What are the needs and desires of this audience?  How is this audience developing?

How does the video attend to these needs and desires?  You might consider aspects of the video such as form, structure, rhythm, visuality, and genre.


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    "GREAT GATSBY Trailer (2012) Movie HD"

    Popular for males 25-55, worldwide.

    The movie seems to be marketed as historical fiction--"Mad Men" but in the twenties. There're also references for people who remember the book--for example, the eyes of T. J. Eckleberg (sp?) appear in a montage. Moreover, as to why Leonardo DiCaprio is the right A-list star to draw in males of age 25-55: from his recent roles in Inception and J. Edgar, he already has a cerebral action thriller and historical bio pic, respectively, on his resume. Casting DiCaprio is an allusion in its own right.

    Perhaps can consider overtones of Hitchcock's theories on voyeurism of upper class life as a kind of escapism for the movie-going crowd. Consider the current economic downturn--maybe the studio executives judged that the time was right for escapism to be commercially successful.

    If the movie is going to be faithful to the book, then the opening party sequences of the preview have to be depicting parties thrown by Gatsby himself; he's supposed to be gauche and unrefined compared to the blue-blooded wealth on East Egg. This presentation order is perhaps supposed to play into contemporary "party culture." What this choice made in constructing this movie preview says about how movie executives look at us, I wonder. Anyway, the party scenes seem to have the advantage of displacement into an exotic locale--New York in the 1920s--while still being relevant to contemporary sensibilities by taking place in, well, New York.

    "Cool, beautiful shirts," "war hero," "I wish I'd done everything on Earth with you"--plenty to work with here if we are trying to make connections to male fantasy. Perhaps can make a deeper point in the way the preview suggests that this male fantasy will be undermined--"Mr. Gatsby doesn't exist." Maybe the idea is that this tension in the mind of the viewer probably can only be resolved by watching the movie.

    (Allen Han)

  6. - "Justin Bieber's Graduation"

    The video is mainly for female teenagers aged 13-21.
    YouTube's statistics show that females in the group age of 13-17, 18-24, and 45-54 are the three top viewers of the video.
    The video is mostly viewed in the U.S., U.K., Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

    The audiences, I believe, watched this video for various of reasons. Some of those reasons might be for education, general knowledge, and entertainment (which is mostly comedy).

    This video is a reality show which usually invites and talks about teen artists, as a result, attracted numerous teenagers. Initially, the ones who watched the show were only those who were fans of the host of the show, Ellen DeGeneres. Nowadays, the number of audiences grows as more and more teen artists start presenting on the show.

    This reality show, hosted by a comedian, usually contains everyday joke, talks about everything that is currently trending, and thus is mainly for comedy purposes.


    Lamborghini Crashes in Chicago Suburbs.

    The video is a live recording of a $225,000 Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo that is racing through a turn on Chicago suburb street and ends up in an accident.
    It has a total of 13,600,583 views on YouTube. Surprisingly, statistics show that it is popular only among males. And these males are aged between 25-54. It seems to have quite a global audience but is most popular in North America, Canada, Australia and The Middle East.
    Definitely it is an interesting video, with all the expensive Lamborghini and the freak accident tat it runs into, when the driver of the vehicle loses control on it. What's interesting is the guy who takes the video had his video camera on and ready throughout the incident. A fine coincidence.
    The video's target audience in my opinion are Lamborghini fans and people who like watching crazy accidents like this one, the kind of accidents are completely unpredictable! The guy making the video is in a moving car himself, he is with his friends and they are all absolutely focussed on every move of the Lamborghini.
    I presume the video attracts the not-so-rich, as the message of the video is loud and clear 'Rich people go out and buy flashy stuff but do not possess the skills to use them'. But of course that is my own interpretation.

  8. "Aperture: Lab Ratt"

    This video is geared toward younger males who have played the popular video games Portal and Portal 2. It is a short indie movie that creatively portrays a series of events in the games' narrative.

    YouTube's statistics confirm the audience: The video is most popular among gender and age groups:

    Male 25-34
    Male 18-24
    Male 13-17

    Since the Portal games were developed by the American company Valve for the biggest video game market, the United States, it is most popular in this country. It is also popular in Canada, Australia, Russia, and Western Europe. There are fewer viewers in South America, Africa, and Southern and Eastern Europe.

    Video gaming is not a cheap hobby and, as a result, I would imagine that the audience for this video has is pretty well off socioeconomically. I would say most of the audience is middle-class to upper-class.

    I think the biggest needs of this audience are entertainment, imagination, and immersion. Video gamers usually enjoy other forms of visual entertainment such as film and television. Also, the best games, such as Portal, have an extremely intricate and imaginative plot and really create a sense of immersion in the game world. Players of such games are probably also looking for a similar experience in the visual media that they watch.


  9. Elevator Experiment

    Based on the comments posted it seems originally intended for psychology classes. According to Youtube statistics; this video is most popular in Canada, the U.S., and Australia. Males from age thirteen to seventeen are the most interested group, followed by males age eighteen to twenty-four, and last are males from twenty-five to thirty-four. Maybe those kids who watched it also found it educational to look at the life of those adults living in the cities with typically nine to five jobs. I would like this same experiment to be tried with a woman as the focus especially in the modern day. The people in the video were all working class adults, and the video itself looked like it was taped generations ago with a low quality camera (maybe the 1970’s). It also might have less amusing without the loud spontaneous laughter occurring at just the right moment in the psychological development of the focus character.


    The video is to enjoy the rule of the Queen of England these past 60 years.
    YouTube's statistics show that females in the group age of 35 to 64 are the top viewers of the video. This video is mostly viewed in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Germany, France, South Africa, Russia, Mexico, most of South America and some of Africa.
    I believe audiences watch this video for various of reasons. Some of those reasons might be for historical reasons for the future children and to honor a role mode for her many years of service. The queen is considered a role model and beacon of hope to many people around the world. They attend to the needs of the viewer by using a timeline style it gives the feel that females 35 to 64 can relate to because it gives a way for many generations can get interested due to being very relatable to them.


    Epic Meal Time - Peanut Butter and Jelly Archetype

    This video appears to be most popular with college-aged males, though there is enough overlap with younger or older groups to say that it is intended for a wider age range of men. It plays the stereotype of manly gluttonous men to the hilt to contrast to it being a cooking show, which is viewed by those kinds of men as something not connected to manliness.

    The popular countries view indicate that it is most popular in North America and Australia, with a good amount of popularity in the U.K. and Nordic countries.


    League of Legends Top 5 Plays Week 66

    Male 18-24
    Male 13-17
    Male 25-34

    This video is for online game players. According to the staticstic, audience is mainly male between 13-34 years old from Europe, North America and Australia, which is English speakers.

    The video is top 5 plays in the week of May 5 as a entertainment for the players and it's a kind of advertising. LOL(league of legends) needs team-work and practical skills to win a competition. The video shares the thrilling moments as well as the way of "killing" or escaping of other players to make the player more engage in playing. Players will want to develop their skills and keep playing.

  13. Waka Waka

    For whom is the video?

    This video was made for soccer/football fans from the casual to hard core, around the globe. This video is even for someone who is just getting interested in the sport and wants to know what its all about. It was made for promotion of the 2010 World Cup.

    What are the needs and desires of this audience?

    I think for the most part the audience wants to feel the emotions that they see on the faces of their favorite players. They want to experience these emotions along with the players and other fans. There is also the music and dancing which are the universal languages that speak to all regardless of race and political borders. This video is for people to have a feeling of belonging as well as hope that the world can someday understand we are all one people sharing the same planet.

    How does the video attend to these needs and desires?

    This is accomplished combining video clips of dramatic moments from previous world cup games with the dancing, music and lyrics as well as video clips of emotional fans enjoying the game.

    The main reason I choose this video is because I love soccer and watch a lot of games especially the World Cup. It's also one of the few contenders I found that I can actually watch over and over again with no side effects hehe!

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    Girl's Generation-Gee Music Video

    For whom is the video?
    Although the chart of the video shows that the video is most popular for female between ages 13-24 and Male between ages 35-44, I think this video appeals to many male teenagers and adults too. This Korean girl group is the most often considered by the Koreans as the most popular girl group they have in the country and they appeal to many other countries as well such as the United States, Australia, and of course Asian countries.

    What are the needs and desires of this audience? How is this audience developing?
    I think the audience who will watch this video is the ones who needs entertainment. The audience then will probably be attracted to the fashion and choreography consisted in the video and will try to adapt those.

    How does the video attend to these needs and desires?
    The video consisted of a really catchy song, equipped with a repetitive choreography that matches well with the rhythm. Because it is repetitive and the video was shot in angles that enables people to learn the choreography, it was quite easy to learn the choreography just by repeating the video over and over again. The beauty of the faces as well as the magnificent singing quality of the girls made it even more interesting for the audience too.


    I chose the video of Eurovision Song Contest-winner 2012, Loreen - Euphoria from Sweden. It was on the charts when we got the assignment but not anymore. I hope that's fine.

    The main audience are mainly young girls (13-17) and males between 35-54 years old that live in Europe. The video is also viewed in Australia and the US. Eurovision Song Contest is big in the LGBTQ community, espacially among older gay men. The contest is getting bigger and bigger and more mainstream each year and has a big audience all over Europe; all ages, genders and races.
    One reason that this video with the winner Loreen has got so many viewes I believe is because she was meeting with politic organizations in the host country Azerbaijan, questioning the human rights in the country. She almost got disqualified because of her political opinions but instead she won with by far the most votes from the viewers in Europe.

  17. URL;
    -This video is for girls/women interested in makeup and to learn a bit more about it and how to wear it
    -The audience for this video ;
    Female 13-17
    Female 18-24
    Female 25-34
    -The needs and desires from the audience watching this video is to learn how to apply makeup a certain way and the desires are to look beautiful and better aftwer applying the makeup
    -Audience is developing by all the likes and commments people post
    and also because girls are applying more colorful makeup nowadays and a tutorial is always good for them to follow and learn from, learn how to apply thw make up the right way
    -In this video, she does and shows each step for the audience to follow step by step on how to apply it correctly and complete their look.

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    This video is for everyone. And also for gays. There is no specific gender it is towards because it is on a subject that is aimed towards both genders.It does state some things that girls do and how she feels about how they go about marriage. But it is watched by mainly girls.
    Main Audience: Female (13-17), Female (18-24), Female (25-34).
    Mostly people in canada, america, and australia watch this. Very lightly by the other countries is this video viewed.

    This video is just simply to express her thoughts about marriage and not get involved with politics and just to say how she feels about the subject. States its not supposed to be funny but it appears to be funny by the way she talks.
    Based on the comments mostly everyone agrees with her thoughts about marriage.


    For whom is the video? this video is for? a wide variety ranging from younger ids to young adults.
    As specifically as possible define the audience of the video.the video is made for mostly a young adult audience with mostly Asians since the person is Asian but has grown to other nationalities YouTube itself keeps statistics on age, nation, and gender. not available at the moment
    basically this video is letting others know there is a new channel out directed by Justin Lin who directed the fast and furious and had many famous Asian people and other movie stars like Jessica Alba


    For whom is the video?
    This video's audience is cited by Youtube as older women and men from all around the world. They also probably like cats, or have a cat of their own. There is no language barrier, which makes it more accessible to people who speak different languages.

    What are the needs and desires of this audience? How is this audience developing?
    Said people watching this video are following a series of little cat shorts that displays the cat's quirks, which most people can recognize in their own cats or their friend's/sister's/neighbor's cat.

    How does the video attend to these needs and desires?
    The video provides a cat that goes and does things cats do, allowing these people to remark upon how their cats do the same things, aren't they the most adorable neurotic housemates?


    This video is aimed towards gamers and the main audience seems to be all primarily males ranging from ages 13 to 34. The video is titled Art of the Instakill. Instakill or instant kill is a term many gamers are familiar with, where either you or your target is basically instantly killed with some weaponry or tactic. The video shows the use of various instant kill weapons in "real life" instead of just video game footage.

    The video is is very popular in the United States and less so outside with most of the other viewers being in australia and brazil and a small number of viewers in europe and russia.

    Gaming tends to be an expensive hobby but looking at the statistics for this video the audience ranges from most viewers to least is 13-17, 18-24, 25-34. I imagine the first two groups of viewers are not exactly rolling around in large amounts of cash being so young and most likely in either high school or just entering college.

  23. Foot 2012 (Rémi GAILLARD)

    According to its statistics, this video is most popular with male age groups(in decreasing order of popularity) from 18-24, 25-34, 13-17. Most of its views come from the US and Aunstralia, though it has a pretty widespread audience throughout the world. I think this is due to the fact that most videos are based more on Remi's actions than what he says.

    Since, most of his videos revolve around unique football (soccer) skills, and just 'troublemaking', like annoying random people on the streets or pranking police officers, the man's videos seem to have an apeal mire for late teen and early twenty year old males, either sporty in nature or with a slight rebellious streak, or both.

  24. Michael Tjuatjadarma
    -company car-

    I think this video is for any people at any ages. The top three group in the statistics are female at age range between 13 through 17, followed by female at age 18 through 24, and then male at age 13 through 17. Also this video is most popular in US and Australia.

    In my opinion, the audiences watched this video for entertainment and comedy.

    This video is fun. I think the needs of this audiences are entertainment. And the video also could make people laugh(comedy). And the Wong Fu group is also work together with Subaru to advertise their products as well.

    This video is for people that like interesting things. Specifically targeting persons with short attention spans and young adult male audiences (18-30 yrs. old). Young American people may also like this video. Persons from Upper Middle Class to lowest class that can still access the video and understand the language and references to popular culture. Person of any religion may like this except for hardcore religious persons or persons that cannot accept a different perspective/opinion. Persons with a formal education will find this video to be a richer experience and find some of the missed humor but there is enough interesting stories and news of all kinds to keep people without a formal education entertained. The audience is in bored and wants to be fed interesting media without having to do the hard work of searching for it. This video find the most interesting things and present them in a fun, captivating and contemporary manner. The audience develops by trending as the video grows popular more persons will look to see why many person like the video and develop a larger audience which will support the expansion of the video and make the quality better in the future. With a collection of interesting stories and news presented in a quick and efficient manner a person boredom may be sated.

  26. FYI
    I posted this up last monday but realized just now it was not posted. so i reposted it.

    I believe this video is for two separate audiences which overlap. The first is the kind of people who stay up late at night to watch Jimmy Fallon, and enjoy his sarcastic humor. The second kind of audience who watch this video are fans of Carly Rae Jepson and her new song “Call Me Maybe”. Where these overlap is the when people who like Carly Rae Jepson also watch Jimmy Fallon’s show. However I don’t believe that most of the people who watch Jimmy Fallon show actually like this song, so Jimmy Fallon gave it a twist to apply to his viewers. He added the humor of using classroom instruments, lots of people, and those people rolling there eyes and making faces show their “interest” in what was going on.