Monday, May 7, 2012

Essay 2 topic, question, and thesis

What is your topic (more specific than "immigration")?

What is the question that your essay answers?

What is your current thesis?


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  2. My topic is going to be about: The connections between the traditional (precolombian) Indigenous patterns of migration and the present (continued) migration of Mexicans and other indigenous people of Latin America across the southern U.S border.

    This essay will answer the question: Should U.S Immigration Policy allow police and I.C.E agents to racially profile people based on Mexican descent or appearance?

    My thesis is this: Mexican people should be protected from interrogation based on the fourth ammendment to the U.S constitution and their historic connection to the Southwestern U.S.

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  4. My topic is the role of bilingual education in the larger context of immigrant acculturation in America.

    On the concrete side, I will try to answer the question: should school districts be allowed to adapt their curriculum to the language spoken by their students at home? On the theoretical side, I will try to answer the question: where is a bilingual America situated on the spectrum of "American-ness"?

    My thesis, currently, is, "Due to America's history as an immigrant nation, and the important role of public education as a way to foster notions of community and citizenship, bilingual education should be encouraged where it meets the needs of the local community."

  5. My topic is going to be about the relationship between free trade and immigrations.

    The question that my essay will answer: Should NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) be stopped as it created Mexican’s poverty and forced migrations? What should the US do for the current undocumented immigrants?

    My current thesis: For the current over 1.2 million undocumented immigrants, the US should try to find a way to issue them paper to let them to have a normal life. Regarding the NAFTA, on one hand, the US should try to re-negotiate with Mexico and do some changes especially on the agriculture sector, but on the other hand, the Mexican government should do more to develop its own economy and keep its people in their homeland.


  6. I've chosen to go with the topic of guest worker programs and their impact on immigration and the economy.
    Should guest worker programs really be cancelled/ended?
    My tentative thesis is: Guest worker programs should not be just on a temporary basis, it should provide the worker with a permanent residence (immigrant status). According to me those who come to work in the United states have an obvious interest in remaining here for while. These guest workers more often than not end up staying longer than the granted period, hence coming to be known as the 'undocumented'. Instead they should be given immigrant status, to live and work in the country in a dignified way. This also benefits the economy and the host company. In my opinion ending guest worker programs is no solution to the country's immigration problems in any way.

  7. The topic that I want to write my essay on is immigration rights for LGBTQ-people in the US.

    My question is: Should the partner in a same sex marriage, who is an immigrant, be able to stay in America?

    My thesis: America should make it easier for LGBTQ people to become citizens instead of excluding them because they do not fit in the heteronormative society of today.

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    1. Topic: Relation between families getting spilt up and deportation.

      Question: Should we deport families not criminals?

      Thesis: People who made their lives here shouldn't be punished for living!

  9. Topic: My topic is going to be about Mexican Immigration and they're families getting separated.

    Question: Should illegal aliens be treated differently then those who are documented ?

    Thesis: No, everyone should be treated equally and have the same rights.

  10. Topic: Operation Gatekeeper

    Question: Should Operation Gatekeeper be closed down?

    Thesis: Yes, it should be closed down because it is making circumstances worse with border control

  11. Topic: Arizona's Illegal Immigration Law(SB1070)

    Question: Is this bill unethical and in violation of civil and constitutional rights?

    Thesis: SB 1070 is a violation of civil and constitutional rights and should be eradicated.

  12. My topic will be about how strict immigration policies should be.

    Question : Given that every year several immigrants cross american borders illegally guided by the prospect of a better life, should provisions be made for them, free of hassles, to be able to come and work here?

    These : The balance between leniency and strictness of immigration policies must be adjusted to allow a little more leeway for immigrants.

  13. What is your topic?

    - Civil rights and immigration law enforcement.

    What is the question that your essay answers?

    Should local law enforcement be involved with enforcing immigration laws?

    What is your current thesis?

    Local and state law enforcement should not be involved with enforcing federal immigration laws.

  14. Topic : equal rights of immigrantion for same-sex marriage.

    Question: Why does not same-sex marriage benefit from immigration policy?

    Thesis : Same-sex marriage should have the same immigration benefits and equal rights with heteronormative marriage.

  15. My topic: The Relation between immigration and crime rates.
    Question my essay will answer: Should immigrants be allowed to receive benefits in order to dter them from turning to illegal means of providing for their families.
    Thesis: The high crime rates in areas rich with an immigrant populous is an effect of immigrants not being granted citizenship and forced to break the law to provide for their families.

  16. Topic: immigration prisons
    Question: Should the US Government reform their procedures for detaining illegal immigrants?
    Thesis: Based on the human rights, burden for taking care a large amount of immigrant prisons and also the lost opportunities of detaining so much prisoners to the growth of US economy, the US government need to reform their procedures of detaining illegal immigrants.

  17. Topic: Link between violence at the US-Mexican border and illegal immigration. Historical context of US immigration policy and how its affects on border violence.

    Question: How can US immigration policy be changed so that it does not breed border violence? How can this viscous cycle be broken?

    Thesis: America's immigration laws and policies of the last two decades have, ironically, made the border less safe and benefited the traffickers, smugglers, and drug cartels that operate there. The sooner that US lawmakers realize that there cannot be one simple solution to combat both problems, the sooner that both border enforcement and security can be improved.

  18. Topic: Immigration transition programs
    Question: Should more tax dollars be spent on programs to help immigrants better transition into life in the United States?
    Thesis: More tax dollars does not necessarily need to be spent in comparison to the current budget, but the money should be used for better programs that truly help immigrants transition to life in the United States.

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  20. Topic: kids born in America to illegal immigrants

    Question: should kids born in America to illegal immigrants be considered citizens?

    Thesis: Kids born in America should be considered citizens regardless of their parents origin.

  21. Topic: The Defense of Marriage Act's effect on GLBT immigrants

    Question: Should the U.S. Government recognize same-sex couples in immigration law in the same manner that it recognizes opposite-sex marriages?

    Thesis: The U.S. Government should recognize dedicated couples, regardless of the genders of its members.

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  23. Topic: International Students and Visa Statuses

    1) Should F-1 visa holders be given the same opportunities to change their visa statuses to permanent residence as the J-1 visa holders?
    2) Should the barriers J-1 visa holders are facing to change their visa statuses to permanent residence be diminished?

    Thesis: The process of changing the international student visa to permanent residence of should be made easier.

  24. My topic is on the relationship between free trade and immigration.

    The question that my essay will answer is: Does NAFTA take full responsibility for the enormous spike of immigration or are there other outside factors that play a role?

    Thesis: Although NAFTA is linked to the enormous boom of Mexican immigrants there are other factors from Mexico's government that adds fuel to the fire for these immigrants who attempt the harsh journey across the border to the US.

  25. Topic: Granting Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants.

    Question: What we should do towards the illegal aliens in the U.S.?

    Thesis:Despite the current immigration laws, there are many illegal aliens living and working in the United States, deporting them is not the best solution, instead, we should grant them amnesty because of several reasons.

  26. What should the US do in regards toward all active immigrants in the United states at this time?

    I believe that the united states should give amnesty to all illegal immigrants in the US. Open up the dmv and clerks office and start handing out social security numbers. All numbers granted to a former immigrant should have a built in code which allows for a system of double tax for a set period like ten years.

  27. Topic: The DREAM Act

    Question: Should the DREAM Act be passed?

    Thesis: The futures of these undocumented students are severely hampered because their parents did what they believed would give their children the futures denied to them today; passing the DREAM Act would be beneficial to the United States as well as the students.

  28. Topic: Being able to explain the actions done by the U.S. that soon led to the economic status of Mexico,and discussing the roots of the immigration issue.
    Question: Should the there be a removal of the Trade agreements between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada?
    Thesis: The removal of the trade agreements and the involvement to improve the economic status of Mexico is crucial to solve the immigration issue.