Friday, April 27, 2012

Reading Journal for Defining America

Here are the steps for your journal entry:
  • Select a chapter from Defining America other than the introduction, prologue, or epilogue.
  • Read the chapter and identify the thesis.  Refer to people who previously posted about your chapter.
  • State why you selected this chapter and relate your reason to the main points from the chapter.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Points of comparison between your educational experience and Yang's experience

Please write in the comments below comparisons and contrasts between your own educational experiences and Yang's educational experiences.  Keep in mind that educational experiences refer to both formal (school) education and informal education (from friends, family, media, and other sources that give us information about the world and how we live in the world).  Please provide page number citations in parentheses when you refer to The Latehomecomer.


Who are you?  What is something about you that you would like people to know or that you think might be interesting to some people?